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Floral Design Prices

It is hard to give fixed prices for bouquets and arrangements, as they vary depending on a number of factors including the size of the arrangement, the specific flowers requested, the time of year and the amount of work involved in constructing the arrangement.

As a rough guide, high value flowers include roses, peonies, dahlias, hydrangeas and hellebores, while less expensive flowers include peak season tulips, daffodils, sweet peas, Sweet William and gypsophila. Having said that, for urn, churn and table arrangements, hydrangeas can work out quite reasonable overall because they are so large and a few go a long way.

Generally, flowers are less expensive during their peak season and tend to be of superior quality.

To see which flowers are flowering when, please refer to the Bloom Time Chart.

Below is an overview of the starting prices of some of the items offered to give you some idea of which budgets I can work within. As I only do one wedding or event on any given day, I have a minimum spend of £300 (£500 May – August).

ItemAvailable from
Bridal bouquet £110
Bridesmaid’s bouquet£80
Flower girl's posy£25
Buttonhole (tape / twine / ribbon)£10 / £11 / £12
Pinned corsage£16
Wrist corsage£19
Hat corsage£18
Flower crown (adult)£50
Flower crown (child)£40
Dressed candelabrum (incl. hire)£85
Table centre (without/with container hire)£72 / £80
Churn arrangement (incl. hire)£100
Urn arrangement (S/M/L, incl. hire)£70 / £100 / £140
Tall metal stand arrangement£100
Pew ends£18
Free-standing arch£550
Floral arch around church entrance£600
Crescent floral arch over church entrance£400
Basket of fresh petal confetti£35
Delivery: less than 10 miles Free
Delivery: greater than 10 miles0.75p per mile each way

I am always happy for you to get in touch to discuss your ideas and give you a no-obligations quote. I am also happy to advise you on alternatives to your first choice flowers, if these are not going to be in season and to suggest less expensive substitutes to achieve a similar look.

A save-the-date fee of £50 is required at the time of ordering to secure your booking. The fee is non-refundable but will be deducted from your final bill.

The remaining balance is payable three weeks before your event. Payments must be made by cheque or bank transfer. Account details will be provided at the time of booking.

Hire Items

The items shown on the next few pages have been collected over many years because they were both attractive and useful for displaying flowers or candles. Many of them are vintage or even antique and may therefore not be available in large numbers, though some of them are, so please ask if in doubt!

Also, if you cannot find what you are looking for on the following pages, please get in touch. I am constantly adding to the collection and will try to source an item, if you have something specific in mind.

The prices are for hire of the items. Breakages or losses are chargeable at the hire price x 5.

All measurements are approximate and indicate height unless length is specified. An asterisk indicates that an item is available in an alternative colour.

To download a printable version of the price list, please click here


Small vases
Cut/pressed glass

Plain vases
Tall, 28 cm/11″
Medium, 22.5-24 cm/9-9 ½″

Medium vases
Cut/pressed glass (19-22 cm/7 ½ -8 ¾ ″)


Hurricane lamps
X-Large, 39.5-40.5 cm/15 ½-16″
Large, 25-30 cm/9 ¾ -12″
Medium, 18-20 cm/7 ¼ -8″
Small, 15-15.2 cm/5 ¾ -6″

Vintage bottles
Small, 5.5-8.5 cm/2 ¼ -3 ¼″
Medium, 12.5-16 cm/5-6 ¼ ″
Large, 18-20 cm/7-8″





Most of the ceramic vases and containers are made by Wedgwood and have a beautiful eggshell matte finish. An asterisk indicates that the item is also available in black.

Urn-style vases
Tall, 24 cm /9 ½″ *
Medium, 17 cm /6 ¾″
Small, 13.5 cm /5 1/3″*
X-Small 9 cm /3 ½″*

Trumpet vases
Tall, 32.5 cm /12 ½″
Medium, 28 cm /11″*
Small, 22-24 cm /8 ¾ -9 ½″*


Oval, footed vases
Length 32 cm/11 ¾″ (not shown)
Length 31.5 cm /12 ½″ (38/15” w. handles)
Length 26.5 cm /10 ½″*
Length 25 cm /10″
Length 32 cm/12 ½″ (44 cm/17 ½ “ w. handles)



Silver plated Stirrup Cups (or spirit measures)
8.5cm/3 1/3”, per pair

Silver plated tankards and jugs£4.00
Silver plated Wine Coolers/Ice Buckets
Large, 25 cm/ 9 ¾″
Medium, 20 cm/ 8 ½″
Small, 17 cm/ 6 ¾″

Punch bowls
Silver finish, 21 cm/8 ¼″


Galvanized containers
Large florist’s bucket, 37 cm/14 ½″
Medium florist’s bucket, 30 cm/ 12″
Buckets, various sizes

Bath tub S/M

Watering can (not shown)
Dolly Tub, 50 cm/19 ¾″ (not shown)
Large Milk Churn, 71 cm/28″
Small Milk Churn, 33 cm/13″



Large, 62 cm / 23 ½″
Medium, 52 cm / 20 ½″ **
Small, 32 cm / 12 ½″
X-Small 22 cm / 8 ¾″ (not shown)

** Also available in cream

Candle Holders

Floor standing, black
Floor standing, silver finish
Table 5-arm, gold finish, 80 cm/31 ½″
Table 5-arm, ivory finish, 80 cm/31 ½″
Table 5-arm, silver finish, 80 cm/31 ½″
Table 5-arm candelabrum, black
Table 5-arm candelabrum, silver plated*
Table 5-arm, silver finish, 63 cm/24 ¾ ″*
Table 2/3-arm, black*
Table 3-arm, silver plated

Tea-light Holders
- with tea-lights

Dinner candles, each

NB. See also Glass section for 
large & small hurricane lamps



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