~ The Romantic Hellebore Bride ~

April 14, 2016

Wedding Mini-shoot at Scaleber Foss, North Yorkshire

Brides: You CAN have an early spring wedding with British flowers!

If you are getting married in early spring and you would like British grown flowers for your wedding, there are alternatives to tulips and daffodils!

Hellebores have a sense of mystery about them and yet you can find them in many British gardens in springtime putting colour into the borders where other flowers fear to bloom. They come in a wide range of types and colours and flower from mid-February till the end of May.

Hellebores make beautiful, unusual and interesting wedding flowers!

We chose to showcase locally grown hellebores as wedding flowers at Scaleber Foss, a secluded North Yorkshire waterfall belonging to the Woodland Trust.

It has an ethereal feel and seems to belong to a different and more romantic era – romantic as in legends of Robin Hood and Maid Marion, the Lady of the Lake and the Pre-Raphaelites.

This magical place is thought to be the inspiration for several works by the 19th century composer Edward Elgar.

It forms a dramatic backdrop for this shoot, which plays on the romantic theme with a flowing wedding gown and a flower head dress, which fit in very well with the current trend for bohemian style woodland and festival weddings.

We chose Jessica as our model because of her quintessentially English Rose look with porcelain skin and long dark flowing hair. Val, the make-up artist kept the look natural and mainly highlighted the lips, using two shades of Mii lipstick, matched to the shade of the central pink hellebore.

Mii make-up used in this shoot:

Top row from left: Long lasting perfect base, overlay blusher/ contour colour, mascara, base cheeks and eye liner.

Bottom row: deep underlay lip colour base, overlay lip colour, lip liner, eye shadow and Mii make-up set

As Val says: “Mineral makeup by Mii Cosmetics highlights natural beauty, giving you confidence to be yourself every day. – If you want to be different, just be yourself!”

The bridal bouquet was made with hellebores in lime greens, whites, dusky pinks and blush pinks with a few flowering currants and trailing ivy and jasmine.

I didn’t have the right shade of dusky pink ribbon in my collection, so I sacrificed a silk shirt in exactly the right colour. Nothing is sacred when a florist is looking for that perfect shade!

The flower crown was also constructed using hellebores, ivy and flowering currants with the addition of dark pink and white spring heathers, florets of skimmia and fragrant sprigs of rosemary, herb of love and remembrance.

The dress was pre-loved and was chosen for its flowing look and because it was not too precious to be worn ankle deep in water.

The vintage plum coloured velvet jacket was chosen for its romantic cut and because its rich, moody colour complemented the ribbon and dusky pink hellebores

Clare, the photographer says: “The aim of the shoot was to let the pure, natural beauty of the flowers speak for themselves and give brides an idea of what can be achieved with these stunning flowers, beautiful understated make up and a little bit of careful positioning from the photographer.

I was bowled over by the stunning location for a photo shoot, though it is not somewhere I would recommend for a bride on her actual wedding day! As beautiful as this waterfall is, the access is by a steep and narrow and at times slippery footpath, which made my knees wobble somewhat!”


Photography – Clare Maeers, Phase 2 Photography 

Model – Jessica Winterburn

Make-up – Val Preston, Truly Essential – www.trulyessential.co.uk

Flowers and styling – Susanne P. Loweth, Beamsley Blooms

Assistant stylist – Stephanie Noland